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Join us this fall for 25 days of terror:

September 25 & 26
October 2–4
October 8–11
October 15–18
October 21–31
November 1


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Welcome to Your Nightmare!


The 2016 Scream Zone is assembled from a collection of body parts and roughly stitched together into four terrifying haunts and other monstrous attractions. This year the Scream Zone runs 25 selected days beginning September 25 and continues through November 1.

Once again you have your chance to save the planet from the coming zombie apocalypse by putting down the walking dead: play Paintball Apocalypse and take out the clowns! Where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns. Don't bother, they're here! A year-to-year favorite is the horrifying House of Horror, along with our newest attraction known as KarnEvil, and the Haunted Hayride, each casting its evil spell on the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

Other features this year include: The Dusk Till Dawn Bar, The Walking Dead Prison, and The Exorcist. We must warn you as well to keep a sharp eye out for Pennywise the Clown.

Opening night features the famed Triple Haunt at half-price (night of September 25 only).

San Diego County's largest haunted experience, the Scream Zone is considered among the goriest, scariest, and screaming-est fright fests to be found in the dark corners of Southern California. We invite you to be our guests, that is, if you have the nerve! Buy tickets now.

Attention parents: You are welcome to enter The Scream Zone compound to wait for children. Our parent lounge is free and there are lots of things for you to do and see, including great food vendors and adult beverages. So come on down and enjoy The Scream Zone alone or as a family!

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  • September 25 & 26
  • October 2–4
  • October 8–11
  • October 15–18
  • October 21–31
  • November 1

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Join us this fall for 25 days of terror:

  • September 25 & 26
  • October 2–4
  • October 8–11
  • October 15–18
  • October 21–31
  • November 1


The Scream Zone's attractions are open Friday and Saturday nights from 7:00PM to midnight.

We are open all other nights from 7:00PM to 11:00PM.

Gates open at 6:45PM.



2015 promises to make your worst nightmares come true. The Scream Zone will be more bloodcurdling than ever! Last year, these haunts were terrifying enough and this year promises to be so much more:

The House of Horror

High anxiety fills the air as you enter this malicious mausoleum known as The House of Horror, featuring 12 new terrifying dens, including 13 Ghosts, Zombie House, Monster Attack, Texas Graveyard and the Underworld. Movie monsters lurk around every dark corner to intercept and ambush your attempt to run, so don't bother. Last year, 523 poor souls became "victims" of The House of Horror. Accommodations are available, and with heaps of headstones obtainable… will you become another casualty this year?

The Haunted Hayride

Climb aboard The Haunted Hayride where all of your frightmares come to life. Climb aboard and thrill to Zombie Prison, Zombie Town, and Zombie Containment; also featured are The Hills Have Eyes (for you), and Haitian Voodoo. Don't let Doll Town fool you, the term "child's play" will not come to mind as those pretty and peculiar oddities entice you to stay and play, forever and ever. The Walking Dead will saunter aside your seat moving you along the cold, dark and dreaded path of one of our most popular entertainments.


A traveling troupe of bloodthirsty curiosities may be found in this fatal freak show that features Dr. Marvel S. Mayhem and his treacherous troupe who make special appearances nightly on the Scream Zone stage. Feature performers also include our killer clowns KarnEvil and Sprinkles, as well as the Graverobber.

Paintball Apocalypse: A Nightmare on Clown Street

Climb aboard the clown car: your blood will run cold as you are transported to this world of creepy clowns. Horror movie master Lon Chaney said, "There's nothing funny about a clown in the moonlight." And everything's horrifying in our newest haunt where a sudden state of hysteria will grip your heart as clowns appear from nowhere. Will you survive this attack of petrifying Pennywises? Paintball Apocalypse gives you the chance to open fire and shoot paintballs at the creepiest clowns around town. It's not your run-of-the-mill paintball adventure: here, the clowns are, shall we say, running rampant and unrestrained. It's shooter against clown: Where are the clowns? Quick, send in the clowns. Don't bother, they're here!


Deals and Meals


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In-store Coupons from MetroPCS, Albertsons, and Vons
You will find these $5 coupons at participating San Diego region MetroPCS, Albertsons, and Vons locations. Our generous sponsors love making the Scream Zone affordable and appreciate your return business. Use these links to find a MetroPCS, Albertsons, or Vons location near you! (These coupons are not valid for Paintball Apocalypse or on Friday or Saturday nights. Cannot be used in combination with any other offer. These coupons expire on November 1, 2015.


Scream Zone Menu
Did you know we offer food and beverages on-site at the Scream Zone? We do! Walk among the living dead and, should you survive, dig into our tasty batwing burgers, iced eyeball juice, and deep fried zombie fingers! Okay, maybe you shouldn't take our word for it. Just click here for the Scream Zone Menu to see what our chef really has to offer.


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2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
Del Mar, California 92014
Directions: Google Maps
Phone: (858) 755-1161

Public Transportation

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Check out the Metropolitan Transit System's or North County Transit District's train and bus routes. Both offer select bus service areas that include local, urban, express, and rural routes that will help you get to The Scream Zone. Enjoy the ease of getting to and from The Scream Zone using NCTD from the north, or connections from MTS originating in the south. (Note: Buses and trains are not direct to the Fairgrounds. Also, when planning your journey, be aware of service end times, which may precede Scream Zone closing.)

Directions & Parking

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The Del Mar Scaregrounds is roughly 20 miles north of San Diego in Del Mar. Driving by automobile from I-5, take the Via de la Valle exit and head west. Follow Via De La Valle to Jimmy Durante Boulevard and turn left. Follow signs and instructions to Scream Zone parking. A parking charge applies for most events, however, we don't anticipate a parking fee for The Scream Zone. (Note: for taxi service pick-up or drop-off, consult your directory for the service of your choice.) More at the Del Mar Fairgrounds' parking information webpage.



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